Second brain for Agency CEOs 


  I optimize your systems & processes to help you scale your business with ease & fluidity

Does it sound like your current business situation ?

– Onboarding a new client in your agency means way to many manual steps & back and forth.

– Following up with leads is still done with pen & paper or there is leads all over the place over text, email, on IG, messenger, name it! In short, it’s a mess to find yourself and do effective follow-ups.

– You already have systems but they are obsolete & you never took the time to learn them properly to take full advantage of what they can bring to your business. 

– Your systems don’t talk to each other, leaving your VA to manualy & repeatedly input informations in all your apps. Such a waste of time.

– You already have a team but it’s still time consuming to onboard & train your new team member. You desire a simple process that can be duplicated for your next hire. 


Imagine that :

– You have a second brain that takes care of strategic optimization of your systems that are adapted to the reality of your growing business.

– Our partnership contributes to optimize the effeciency of your business without you having to manage me or tell me what to do. I’m the expert in my field and I will bring you strategic input to scale your systems. 

– For your next hire, the new team member has access to a full on repertory SOPs of your business. Imagine the efficiency to onboard her and to train her. The time you’ll save !

– Your systems talk to each other & transfer crucial informations to deliver next level services to your clients. All of it automated, without the need of your VA to spend hours making the bridge between the apps.

Ways to collaborate together : 


Partnership of 3 + months to implement systems & processes along the way. Project management also available.


A full on day dedicated to your business to set up a system.

Audit / Strategy Session

You get a plan to set up your system on your own with your current team.

Our partenership together means for you & your business have : 

– More time to focus on money generating tasks

– More efficiency overall

– More time to focus on sales

– Improved next level client service

– More time to give more results to your clients 

– More time to live your life

Hello ! I'm Audrey

I graduated University in entrepreneurship & Operations Management & Logistics in 2018 & my only focus was to build a career for myself where I could work from anywhere in the world from my laptop.

I know you also have a vision of freedom for yourself & that’s why you started your business in the first place.

I did not felt like I’ve learnt enough at University to follow my dream so I started to learn digital skills online on my own.

I then proceeded to became a VA, got the chance to be a business co-coach in a growing business & then finally allowed myself to continue my own adventure as an OBM.

From working with my clients I realized my zone of genius is the backend, the tech, the systems, the automations to support the big vision of amazing CEOs.

& that’s exeactly what I will help you achieve for yourself & your business.


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